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Sara’s Song
A segregated train ride was only the beginning. Sara had hoped the move to South Berkeley would quiet the dissonant chords in her marriage and restore harmony.
Eager to make new friends Sara and husband Ben joined a social club made up of couples from around the Bay Area. The highlight of the club’s calendar was the twice yearly formal dances, one held in spring and the other during the holidays. Sara was lovely in her full length formal made of luxurious fabrics in shades of green, in styles which draped easily over her 5’9″ frame. Ben, tall and angular, looked especially handsome in his tux. Ben and Sara made a pretty picture standing shoulder to shoulder, but rarely did they see eye to eye.

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Get It Done
If You Only Had 21 Days Left to Live, What Would You Want to Accomplish Before You Go?
Bringing your most important ideas to life isn’t easy. If you find yourself procrastinating, too busy to get your most important work done, or not sure how to get started, something needs to change before it’s too late.

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