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Rescued By A Kiss
Brandy Alexander’s the real deal. Yes, that’s her real name and no, she’s not a stripper, but her best friend Julia is. Brandy still lives with her parents in the Irish Channel and she’s sort of semi kind of engaged to the boy next door, who’s one of New Orleans’ finest. In fact, Dante, the BF, is such a thoroughgoing New Orleanian he always manages Mardi Gras parade duty on his own block. So you’d think Brandy might be a little self-conscious when a suave smoothie in one of the gentlemen’s walking clubs mesmerizes her into a big fat Mardi Gras smooch right in front of him. But not a bit. Because after all, it’s Mardi Gras, and also for another good reason.“That kiss was long, slow, hot, unlike any kiss I’d ever had in my life.”

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Bound to Die
When a prominent Seattle businessman is found hanging naked in a dominatrix’s studio, lead Detective Court Pearson is pressured to find a fast, quiet solution to the man’s death. Court’s investigation uncovers secrets within his own department and raises the ghosts that linger from the suicide of his wife—all details he fights to keep quiet as a leaker goes public. To make matters worse, his new partner resents his fast rise through the ranks as Seattle’s only transmale homicide detective, and his lead suspect begins to look like a target for murder.

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Missing Mom
The village of Arroyo Loco is rocked again, this time by the disappearance of a favorite neighbor. Nobody wants to be snoopy, and at the same time Estela and her friends care about each other and want to solve the mystery of what has happened. As before, the quirky neighbors laugh, work, and puzzle together as they look for their friend. And it’s Arroyo Loco, so you know something unexpected is going to happen. From the award-winning author of Fire at Will’s and Iced Tee comes this third Estela Nogales mystery.

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