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Your Body’s Environmental Chemical Burden
The chemicals you are being exposed to on a daily basis are slowly shortening your life span and wreaking havoc on your body.They are literally everywhere – furniture, cleaning supplies, make-up, Teflon pans, plastic bottles, storage containers, fuel exhaust, solvents, paints, detergents, photocopiers, fax machines, laser printers, computers, fragrances, dryer sheets, cigarettes, adhesives, moth balls, nail polish, hair dyes, marking pens, art supplies, charcoal fluid, microwaves, disposable cups and plates, Styrofoam, vehicle exhaust, magazines, toothpaste, food, candles, incense, building and renovation materials, and so much more.

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The EAT HOT…LOOK HOT®️ Diet is renowned for offering people struggling to burn off excess fat a novel and sustainable approach to weight-loss, one that relies on food additions only. The diet was featured on every major news network in the United States, noting its refreshing departure from other diets that require subtractions and deprivations.

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