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The Sensitives
Oscar is a loser, living with his parents, with no ambition and no friends. Enter April and Julian. They, like him, are Sensitives – a person who is paranormally gifted. Together they show Oscar how he could finally do something amazing with his life. Then there’s Kaylee. She may be ten years old, but there is nothing sweet or innocent about her. She reeks of evil, with eyes of fire and a smile that makes hardened police officers run with terror.

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The Pact Series Omnibus One
Alone. Desperate. Vengeful. Sailor Ray is a demon hunter on borrowed time. Both of her parents died, and she was next in line, but a demon gave her a second shot at life for the ultimate price. Her soul. Now, the demon lives inside the young hunter while she races against the clock for revenge. Sailor’s slowly losing herself to the darkness, but it’ll be worth it to bring damnation to the demons who ruined her life.

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