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The State of Grace
The patriarch of the Jacksonville commune has died, and taking his place is his mean and narcissistic son, Beau Baxter. Probation officer Gillian Jones is busy with her own life – an impending visit from the father she hasn’t seen in twenty years and the unexpected departure of her foster daughter – the last thing she needs is the added burden of keeping Beau on the right side of the law. When Gillian’s courthouse nemesis, Dot, accuses Beau of forcing her sister, Grace, to stay in Jacksonville against her will, Gillian agrees to an unannounced probation visit.

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Murder at the Church
A troubled woman. A prayer. A murder in a church. An orphaned daughter. When she moved back to Cottonwood Springs after a divorce and the publishing company she was working for went bankrupt, Brigid never thought she’d have a ready-made teen-age daughter, a huge Newfoundland dog, and a hunky neighbor who wants to get to know her better, a lot better. But first she has to solve Maggie’s murder. When a woman has stolen money and someone else’s husband, finding her murderer is not everyone’s top priority.

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