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The Manhattan Red Ribbon Killer
The third outing in the gripping Mancuso-O’Brian murder mystery series, this case is particularly fascinating, Watson—because it’s about to get personal! when meticulous NYPD cop-turned-private eye Joey Mancuso is called in to help the Midtown South precinct solve a series of brutal murders targeting young professional women.

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The Poison Profession
Louisa Clayman, notorious vigilante assassin known as Crail, makes a fortune covertly killing high profile low-lifes. Crail’s identity is well hidden by layers of encryption on the Dark Web when Louisa meets and falls for internet gamer Rikard. However, when Rikard’s friend Markus starts cyberstalking Louisa, he doesn’t realise she is protected by a top level black-hat hacker whose life depends on guarding Louisa’s identity. Markus’ actions start a chain of events that puts them all at risk and not everyone survives.

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