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Sarah Woods Mystery Series
As Sarah Woods stumbles upon the grim murder scene in her office, she has no idea that she has just sparked off a chain of events that will tear her life in two. Frustrated with the slow progress of the police investigation, Sarah starts her own search of the killer. The deeper she gets into the tangled web of lies, the more her life is in danger. Sarah is running out of time–and people she can trust.

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Pups, Pilots and Peril
It is summer and Dune House is gearing up for the tourist season. Suzie and Mary are looking forward to welcoming new guests who are being flown in on a seaplane specially organized for tourists during the summer months. But when the pilot is murdered, and a lost dog is found, Suzie and Mary find themselves trying to solve not one mystery but two. Their investigations uncover a web of lies and land them right in the line of fire.

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Pineapple Jailbird
To save her loved ones, Charlotte must find a way to clear her boyfriend’s crazy ex of a killing. It may be the only crime the woman didn’t commit…but things don’t get any easier when someone mistakes Charlotte as a traitor and sends a madman with a distinctive “tattoo” and unusual gang of deadly pets to stop her.

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US UK and CA

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