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Steamy Romance

Dragon’s Pleasure
Playboy Dragon Ivan has a bitter choice: He can seize curvaceous Christina — who has as many notches on her bedposts as he does — and fulfill his heart’s desires. Or he can find a sweet, untouched virgin to carry on his family name. Dragonesses-born are rarer than hen’s teeth. Every dragon knows that. In order to have firelings, they must transform a virgin into a fertile dragoness.

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The Demon…
When no good deed goes unpunished, Vex finds himself cast out of Netherworld. Hell-bent on returning from where he came, he realizes too late that he was where he was meant to be… and the Fairy… It was lust at first sight when Alea sets eyes on the demon. Craving a taste of the hot-blooded male, she finds in him what she never thought possible.

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Take My Heart
I’ve never been in love. Never felt that fire or been so desperate for a man’s touch that he’s all I can think about. Then Bronson Lockhart walks into the party I’m at with my boyfriend, Justin. Everyone notices him. How could they not? He’s ridiculously good looking with that dark brooding masculinity that inspires dirty thoughts of the sweetest kind… Too bad he’s also Justin’s adopted brother. And they clearly hate each other. But I can’t help but notice the way Bronson looks at me that sets my pulse thrumming.

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