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Steamy Romance

All of Me
Phil Harper has wasted five years of his life in a relationship that was going nowhere thanks to misplaced guilt, sympathy and pity. But the longer the failing relationship went on, the faster he saw his chances of being with the one he really wanted slipping away.

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Shifters of Kladuu
The planet of Kladuu has been a well-kept secret for millennia, despite a wormhole leading directly to the outer planets of Earth’s solar system. But what happens when a rogue Vilkan shapeshifter defies the laws of his people and abducts a crew of human females to sell into the flesh trade?

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Close Liaisons
For college student Mia Stalis, the invaders—the beautiful, mysterious Krinar—are only stories on the news. Rumors about them abound: about their impossible strength and speed, their intentions toward Earth… their vampiric tendencies. None of it concerns her, though—until she catches Korum’s eye.

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