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The Exigent Earth
Volcanoes are erupting. Wildfires are scourging entire towns. Earthquakes are toppling cities while tsunamis drown the land and its people. With a series of terrifying disasters, Earth seems to be on a crash course to destruction. But why? What’s causing it? Will civilization survive? Zac Sparkman, the progeny of two genius scientist parents, discovers he has a mysterious power that he struggles to keep hidden. Growing up in an unusual family with a Native American shaman and an unconventional uncle, Zac learns how science and esoteric wisdom combine into a world of knowledge completely new to him.

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Stop Procrastinating
Is your potential limited due to your procrastination habit? Are you tired of the guilt, stress, and overwhelm? Do you want to learn the secret to getting things done quickly and effectively, so you can increase your success in all areas of life?

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