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A cold-blooded killer is on the prowl! Brad Frame seeks the assistance of his friend and mentor, Nick Argostino, in locating a missing person, only to discover that Nick is facing his own troubles. He’s been suspended from the Philadelphia police force and accused of assaulting a fellow officer. It is an accusation that could end his career. Nick claims he was set up, which sends Brad and his associate, Sharon Porter, on a hunt for the truth. At the same time, Brad learns that the missing person he seeks is dead, and has been found already embalmed.

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A Sherlock Holmes Alphabet of Cases
Buffalo Bill and the Red Shirt Menace – The American showman has arrived in London to perform for Queen Victoria, but strange mishaps plague his troupe, especially his Indian performers. The Curious Case of Charlotte Musgrave – The daughter of Reginald Musgrave has a strange companion and death seems to follow her. Are they accidents, or is there a killer loose?

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