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SciFi and Fantasy

Death’s Cursed Coven
The Hobbling Cake Off is a baking competition that will change the life of the winner. But when two local covens discover they’re competing against each other, the kitchen nightmares begin. Will January manage to keep the whisk-wielding witches from exposing the existence of magic on the Cake Off videocamera?

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US UK and CA

Alizarin Crimson
Van Gogh’s madness has found her. While attending a prestigious summer art school in New York City, seventeen-year-old Aya’s red paint attacks her skin, tattoos her, and enables her to manipulate the color red. The red takes over Aya’s passionate emotions, making her volatile. Color stole Van Gogh’s sanity, now it’s come for hers if she can’t gain control.

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US UK and CA

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