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The Dead of Summer
Adults insist that you never completely remember your childhood. They say that as the years pass by, those little details that once captured your undivided attention become fuzzy around the edges. As time marches on, the sharp memories start crinkling up like a piece of newspaper burning in a campfire; first you can just make out the sentences, and then, the white hot fire laps at the pages, blurring them and obscuring the actual words. Until all that you are left with is a fine white ash and the vague memories of what used to be.

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Talkin’ The Talk
Ian Buchanan has spent a lifetime distancing himself from a brutal childhood, forced to fight in bare-knuckle boxing matches on freezing Scottish Highland moors… He has since gained money, prestige and the respect of his peers, but now all that’s at risk. He’s been framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’s seeking haven in a charming cabin in Texas Hill Country while he devises a plan to clear his name. But what Ian hasn’t counted on is his curvy, chatty Texan hostess, Sophie Grey, a woman who soon has him thinking there may be more pleasurable ways to spend his time in exile.

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