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Make Me Dead
As always in a Vampyres of Hollywood mystery, the biting wit is sharper than a nip from a passing vampyre—in a word, humor, wit, and satire are what this engaging series is really all about. You’re going to get a good mystery every time, with lots of action, suspense, and adventure, but the best part is the clever and witty writing. Nobody’s better than Barbeau at skewering the foibles of Hollywood and its self-involved denizens, and nobody’s got a smarter mouth than her movie star heroine, vampyre–Please! Never merely “vampire”–Ovsanna Moore, this time in New Orleans for a horror convention. (Fasten your seat belts—lots of fun to be had at the expense of horror conventions!)

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Corridor Man 4: Dead End
Bobby Custer just cannot seem to bring affairs to their natural conclusion. Against all odds, his boss, Noah Denton has survived each of the unfortunate events in the steady decline of his health. Thus far, Bobby has managed to stay in the game by relying on — and cultivating — the worst characteristics of human nature in everyone he meets. But the game is changing, and Bobby’s life is going up in flames bit by bit.

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