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The Tetradome Run
When the crime wave peaked in the early 70s, and Nixon signed the Redemption Act, no one bothered to imagine what public execution might look like fifty years in the future. No one imagined that The Tetradome Run would become the most popular show in America. This year’s show puts convicted felons in a race with genetically engineered monstrous creations. Murderers, rapists, terrorists, and thieves–they all will take their place at the starting line, and the most notorious among them is Jenna Duvall, the college student who shot a Senator.

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Point of Impact
Surviving the blast is only the beginning…
Dakota Sloane, a tough-as-nails former foster kid, has spent her life running from the past. Logan Garcia, a man haunted by his own secrets, has only one goal: to drink himself into oblivion. They’re two strangers in a bar–until the news reports nuclear explosions in New York City and D.C. Fearing Miami may be next, Dakota’s first thought is to grab her sister–still trapped in the system–and get the hell out of Dodge.

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