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McAllister Justice Series Box Set
Enter the world of the McAllister brothers, where police procedures take unexpected turns involving a keyboard prodigy, murders and cyber stalkers, along with cunning sociopaths. These dark and edgy mystery thrillers will keep you involved and guessing until the very end. Two full-length novels and one short novel, each a standalone, in one set.

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Living Proof
In a top-secret complex surrounded by miles of Texas scrub land, the United States military is working on a new form of germ warfare. The subjects, like Ramon, are taken from homeless shelters and prisons, and serve their country as unwilling lab rats. Ramon didn’t commit the murder that put him on death row. But he’s guilty of something worse—surviving the virus and escaping his captors. Ramon escapes, and begins a life on the run, a dead man hunted by would-be executioners determined to silence him.

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US UK and CA

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