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Steamy Romance

Dragon’s Treasure
What happens to an arrogant dragon lord when his greatest treasure steals his heart? Smoking-hot dragon lord and industrialist Hugo is only looking for a good time before he has to settle down and sire some firelings.

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Reviving Emily
He spent those ten years developing a cure for the virus she contracted. She spent those ten years in a cryostat, her life suspended. She’s not the only one to be reanimated, but she is the first. The media is surrounding the compound. The religious zealots are picketing. But people have lives to live, and somehow they have to move forward. Ryan still has work to do. People to revive. A disease to cure.

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The Alien’s Prize
Kate Harper finally had everything going on back on Earth: her dream job, a kickass best friend, and an apartment completely void of her cheating ex. That is, until she wakes up, cuffed and naked, on an alien planet/fight club known as the Pit. Worse? Aliens fight to the death to be able to claim their prize: human pleasure mates. Even worse? She realizes she’s one of them.

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