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Corridor Man Volumes 1, 2, 3,4, 5
Meet Bobby Custer – He’s psychotic, narcissistic, psychopathic, greedy . . . and always charming.
Disbarred and out of jail, Bobby takes a unique path. But as the bodies begin to pile up you have to wonder if there isn’t something about him that’s just not . . . right.

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The Cult of Venus
Historians Cameron Thorne and Amanda Spencer-Gunn discover a 14th-century journal which confirms a long-rumored historical heresy: The medieval Church outlawed the Knights Templar because the warrior monks were secretly worshiping the ancient Goddess. The journal also sucks Cam and Amanda into the orbit of a ruthless cabal of modern-day pagans intent on pushing America into the loving arms of the Goddess—whether America wants succor there or not.

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Lawyer David Thompson Legal Thrillers Series Book 1
David Thompson is a burned-out lawyer and family man just trying to make ends meet when he stumbles into the crosshairs of the law. He’s in a race with the clock to find his friend’s killer before he’s thrown in jail and railroaded all the way to the lethal injection table. Thompson must desert his family and seek out a secret society of bird-watchers in a desperate search for the truth behind the killing.

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US UK and CA

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