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FIRST, APOCALYPSE BY POISONING— NOW WAR IS ON THE WAY. In Shelley Singer’s second action-packed post-apocalyptic adventure starring kickass survivor and mercenary Rica Marin, war is at her loved ones’ doorstep—and Rica’s elected to unite the western states against the invaders.

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As far as eighteen-year-old Rylee is concerned, every Elect deserves to have their eyes eaten out by rats and their entrails crammed down their own throats. In a time when most people fight just to survive, Rylee and her friends fight to protect Norms from the Elects, the neurologically-enhanced humans, who steal into the slums to rape girls and kill for sport. They wouldn’t have to if the Alliance, which governs the city, would lift a finger to protect the Norms.

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US UK and CA

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