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The Waterkeeper’s Daughter
Revenge. It’s a nasty concept – even worse if you’re the target.
That’s exactly what happened to Lake Okeechobee’s Waterkeeper, Craig Whitaker and his daughter, Annie. Harold Johnson has been furious at Craig’s dad for ages. As he sees it, decades earlier TC caused his family grave and lasting harm. Now he’s determined to return the favor. The proverbial saying, “revenge is a dish best served cold” certainly applies to Johnson. Yes, TC will get the message, and it won’t be good.

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Fair City Blues
US Marshall Jack Dillon is still detailed to Dublin’s Special Investigative Unit. Once a headless body with a US Marine Corp tattoo is found floating in Dublin’s Royal Canal Dillon is on the case. At every turn he seems to come up with more unanswered questions. Meanwhile a series of ATM robberies are occurring across the city and the police seem powerless to stop them and Dillon’s looking for a missing American college student…but then Dublin can quickly become an amazingly small world.

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