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Six Murders Too Many
Ike Simonetti and his model-slim wife, Lorraine, tell Chuck Ike’s stepmother is trying to steal $400 million from Ike’s father’s estate. But is Ike Simonetti the only surviving heir of oilman Sam Simonetti? Or is there another contender for the fortune—a baby girl born to the dead billionaire’s hot young trophy wife six months after Sam’s death? The investigation takes Chuck from the sun-splashed beaches of South Florida to the burned-out Cleveland home of two dead daughters.

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So notes wisecracking detective Casey Jones, and you know right away you’re in good hands. Casey’s as beautiful, badass, big, and big-hearted a private eye as ever wrestled a perp to the ground. And don’t think she can’t– she mentions her 170 pounds of pulchritude every chance she gets and shows it off to expert advantage in numerous encounters both personal and professional.

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