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Steamy Romance

Body Work
Lisa Brady Delaney left Tyce Branton in her rearview mirror. Years later, he’s the only one she can turn to for help to fulfill her dream. Once that’s done, she’s free to live as she wishes, where she wishes. Freedom is all she’s ever wanted.

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US UK and CA

Gone with the Nerd
Hollywood actress Zoe Tarleton is stuck in a typecast rut. Audiences adore her pretty face and knockout physique, but she’s sick of being labeled sexy rather than smart. She’s determined to land a highly coveted role, playing a world-famous chemist. To nab the gig, however, she needs to brush up on her nerd nuances. And she knows just the man to teach her.

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Werewolf in Manhattan
For paranormal romance author Emma Gavin, werewolves only existed between the pages of her novels. They were seductive heroes drawn from her imagination, not living, breathing creatures in the real world. And they certainly were not wealthy lords of industry.

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US UK and CA

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