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The Burnt Sunset
Solstice Dayton is terrified when an aura flash reveals the future in a lyrical vision: teens will suffer one of three fates – burn, daze, or evolve. As the Firegale, a wind-blown blaze, sweeps westward scorching the landscape, Solstice forms a connection with Baeran Sheridan. She guides his escape, drawing the teens together as their worlds fall apart. Soon they discover a destiny worse than the flames.

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A modern day ghost story of creeping dread… “While struggling to cope with the emotional and physical impact of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, single mother Sophie Harrington is tormented by a man from her past: her old neighbour Ronnie Cribbins. Cribbins has been dead for the past fifteen years and Sophie is faced with the possibility that his malevolent spirit could be the cause of her autoimmunity, because she can feel him attacking her senses from within.

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