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SciFi and Fantasy

Teenage Grae White isn’t crazy about her new home—a haunted mansion. When she accidentally finds out that her mother used to be a time traveler, Grae is transported two hundred years in reverse and witnesses the death of the first owner of the property. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time might result in Grae being stuck in another century, unless she listens to her new friend and helps solve the mystery behind the murder.

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Shadows of Divinity
Haldin Raish is determined to follow in his father’s legendary military footsteps. But when he witnesses his parents brutally murdered by the Legion’s own High General, his life shatters before his eyes. Rescued by a stranger with incredible powers, Haldin learns that the general has been possessed by a ruthless alien… and that his parents’ murderer isn’t the only demon in the ranks.

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