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Steamy Romance

Little Dove
My name is Etta Freeman. There is something special about me. Not special in a good way though, more like special in a way that will get me killed one day. It’s not something I talk about with anyone, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to snare my neighbor in my devious web.

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Light Up The Night
Reckless. That’s what they call me. I rush into burning building to save lives, and I wish it was for a just cause. It’s not. It’s to prove that I’m worthy of love. A messed-up knee, and my dreams of being in the NFL are gone. I’m fearless when it comes to fighting back death. That’s not what f*cks me up. It’s living that gets me. The last thing I need in my life is a woman, no matter how bad I want one. And yet, this one has me pacing the floor.

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The Cowboy Takes A Bride
Meredith Hanover wants out. Living under the thumb of her despotic father has left her isolated and lonely. She wants nothing more than to escape and start a new life. When a chance presents itself to become a modern-day mail-order bride to a rancher in rural Wyoming, she realizes this might be her only opportunity at a fresh start.

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