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SciFi and Fantasy

Locked Tight
When mindreaders run the world, being a jacker makes you a weapon.
Zeph can break open the toughest minds—or lock the weakest—which only means every Clan leader wants to own him. He did as he was told, kept his head down, and tried to shut out the screams. But when they came after his family, he hugged his kid sister goodbye and ran away to keep them safe. For two years, he’s passed as a reader.

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Lady Dread
She kills for a demon overlord until a conscience turns her traitor. Now she’ll take one final stand for the living. Undead Commander Lady Dread wages war without mercy. Until the spellbinding eyes of an enemy youth warms her rotted heart. Defying her demon overlord, Lady Dread steals away with the child in search of safety. Stripped of her rank and her cursed armor, she’s shocked when flesh returns to her skeletal frame… and lost memories creep into her skull.

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