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Amelia’s Story
This is a powerful true story of one young girl’s struggle to survive the state-care-system in the 70s and 80s. Amelia has just one wish, to make it through to adulthood and hold her destiny in her own hands. This is a harrowing true story, one of survival and human strength. Amelia has been tragically separated from all her siblings, never to see them again for many years.She is moved from one children’s home to another until finally, it’s just too much for her to bear. Amelia starts to wonder about the peace and finality of her own death.

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Ghost Force
Formed in 1941, David Stirling’s SAS had been a highly mobile yet conventional force. The modern SAS can be traced more directly to the Chindits and Force 136. Between the onset of peace and persistent opposition in certain circles, in the autumn of 1945 the original SAS was disbanded. Less than two years later the Malayan Emergency exposed how unprepared the British Army was not only for jungle warfare, but for unconventional warfare in general.

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