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The Girl in the Sand
Thousands of girls go missing every year in Las Vegas. Taken. Bought and sold. Or worse. And now the dead are calling. These lost girls summon FBI Profiler Violet Darger to Sin City — a new case. There are fresh dead to sort through — two bodies burned beyond recognition in the trunk of a sedan — and there’s reason to believe that there are missing girls waiting to be saved.

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The Fifth Juror
A young Russian sentenced to death for killing his adoptive parents is about to be executed, but the Russian mob will do anything to stop it. The choice they give former juror Jess Dawson seems easy: Kill Mikael, kill her son. Save Mikael, save her son. But in a case where the post-conviction appeals have run out, the impact the truth will have upon her family is dire, and the lives of her fellow jurors are equally at stake—this choice will be anything but easy.

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