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SciFi and Fantasy

The Swordswoman
Melcorka thought she was an ordinary young woman from the Isles. She was wrong. The Norse thought they could conquer Scotland. They were wrong. After her homeland comes under attack by an invading horde, Melcorka abandons her life of luxury and chooses the path of a warrior, and sets off to free the land from the scourge of the Norsemen. Along with a ragtag band of companions, she heads south to unite the clans against a fearsome foe, and claim her destiny.

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Night Slayer
My Name is Jason Night. I’m a SWAT Team Commander and former Marine. I’ve experienced a lot of crazy shit in my life, and I don’t scare easily. At least not until today. After seeing my whole team get wiped out by a succubus and nearly dying myself, I’ve been recruited by a mysterious sorceress to become a soldier in a new war.

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