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SciFi and Fantasy

The Mark of Chaos
When humans call for peace and healing, Angels come. When humans call for suffering or chaos, Tazmarks grant their wish. johnny, with a little j, more than a vampire, warlock, or demon is the most powerful Tazmark on earth. After nine hundred years of wreaking chaos, he is bored from lack of challenge. Worlds collide when he decides to play guardian devil to an earthbound angel whose powers could burn him to oblivion. Ah, a challenge at last. Confusing matters are the changes they incite in each other, including a magnetizing romantic love that neither of them want. In this, they begin to pioneer a change in natural law that will eventually affect the whole earth.

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Not Alone
When a massive meteor lights up the sky over the remote island of Kerguelen, the world holds its breath. In Birchwood, Colorado, Dan McCarthy gets to work.

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