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Steamy Romance

A Major Attraction
U.S. Marine Major Kyle Waters has recently returned home after months at sea. He desperately wants some well-deserved rest, but his pleasant dreams turn from downright sinful into a nightmare when he wakes up, his arms full of a deliciously naked and thoroughly panicked Olivia Cava—the woman he’s been fantasizing about for months.

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Breaking Meredith
For five years – one thousand, nine hundred and twenty-two nights to be exact – I’ve watched her from afar… Protecting her. Keeping her safe from the world. And stalking her every move.What started as a favor for her brother has grown into something so much more. A full-blown obsession.

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Little Dove
My name is Etta Freeman. There is something special about me. Not special in a good way though, more like special in a way that will get me killed one day. It’s not something I talk about with anyone, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to snare my neighbor in my devious web. He is angsty and brooding and completely sexy in a scrappy, bloody knuckle kind of way.

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