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SciFi and Fantasy

Outside Ascension
Warning: The Bermuda Triangle is a portal to another dimension. And it takes Amanda to the land of God. Will she survive? They call their world Tuala. There is magic. And there is psychic power. The denizens of this world can travel at the speed of thought. It can be dangerous for a mortal from Earth. For Amanda, who was just out for a leisurely sail aboard her boat, this strange place has her terrified. There is peril around every turn. What will happen if they discover her secret?

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Vampire Bait
Live bait makes all the difference. That’s what I was told when the slayers hired me. Vampire bait has short-life expectancy though. I don’t care. I hadn’t anything to live for. The least I could do was help mankind in my self-destructive spiral. That is until I meet him. My team suspects the vampire Overlord of Budapest of killing humans. They send me in to do my job and I do it too well. He finds me all right.

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