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Tea Room Toxin
Missy’s best friend Noreen realizes her dream of opening a tea room, only not with Missy (as Missy’d kind of hoped), but with her other friend, Tonya, with whom Missy has never…quite….clicked. And then someone slips a deadly toxin into the very cup of tea Missy herself handed Tonya.

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The Abducted Super Boxset
A child’s abduction leads to a frightening pattern within a South Florida town where nothing is as it seems. Amidst the vast wetlands, suburban sprawl, and tropical heat, the Lee County police department knows what to expect on any given day. But when a serial child predator stakes his claim in the area, there is no knowing when and where he will strike. The parents of the latest victim are baffled to receive no ransom demands, given their wealth and influence. And the town is in an uproar as the girl marks the fifth child to vanish.

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