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SciFi and Fantasy

To save her life, Rin must destroy Hikaru’s. Falling in love with him was never part of the plan. Rin enters the palace as a spy. If she can gain the prince’s trust, she will break the spell that turned her human. But without a voice, it might be too much of a challenge, even for her. She only has until the next full moon to do it, or she’ll be turned into a fox. But as her feelings for him grow, Rin is left with an impossible choice. Will she betray him to his enemies or make the ultimate sacrifice for love?

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Errol Amberdane
He’d rather be curled up to a good book than go on an adventure any day. However, when his mother, the most powerful and feared mage in Silvermire is called away to protect the border after the king foolishly attacked a tower protected by a dragon, Errol is charged with protecting the great library of Silvermire.

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