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Breaking Steele
Gory video game violence comes home to roost when two store managers are brutally murdered in the back room of their gaming shop just before peek holiday season. The corporation that owns the store is doing everything it can to keep the matter quiet—but they won’t succeed if detective Jasmine Steele cracks the case. Because said corporation has plenty of skeletons in its closet; and one of them is far too familiar to our heroine…

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The Will to Power
Surrounded by second-class colleagues and trapped in his position, brilliant GMO researcher Miran Zyelinski makes a bold plan to steal his employer’s research and set up shop for himself, but he’ll need help. Miran’s lover Andreas can fund the operation, but tolerating his sadism will be part of the price. Ice-cold Satia will bring the technical talent, but only if Miran can keep her satisfied—and keep her from killing Andreas.

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US UK and CA

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