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High Rollers
Faced with graduating with over 100,000 dollars in student loan debt and utterly ignored by the opposite sex, University of Miami freshman Cameron McKinney is in dire need of cash. His solution? Starting the largest sports betting ring in campus history. Business booms, supplying him with thousands of dollars of tax-free cash per week, which he uses to pay his loans and fund his new South Beach “models and bottles” lifestyle.

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Flight Plan
MJ has known the world was ending for years. She spent her career making sure that information never became public knowledge. Now, she’s about to find out just how far she’ll go, to keep her bag of secrets. During a flight home from New York, a massive storm sends MJ’s plane plunging into the river. Surviving the crash and escaping the frigid water is the easy part. With a planet raging against humanity and a society on the brink of all out anarchy, MJ has no one to turn to but herself.

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