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WELCOME! is the first tale in the humorous, rollicking series of Dublin tales featuring dashing detective Jack “Dildo” Dillon by Patrick Emmett, the appropriately Irish pseudonym of Mike Faricy. Jack’s no less libidinous than Faricy’s popular Dev Haskell, but he’s a bit more mature, and way better with a gun. Think action-packed: Marshal Dillon Rides Into Dublin.Jack’s a U.S.

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Casey Jones Mysteries Vol 1-3
Fifteen years ago, this hard-boiled babe walked out of a Florida prison after serving an eighteen-month sentence, sporting 160 pounds of “nobody kicks my ass” and a couple of inches of dark roots at the base of her bleach job (“simply to confuse people into underestimating me”) and swearing she’d never set foot in a prison or trust a man again. Trust, no. But by no means has she given them up. She can love with the best of them, but when it comes to lust she’s in a class by herself.

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