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The Burden of Truth
Probation officer Gillian Jones knows that someone or something drove her client, 17-year-old Jessica Coffers, to abandon her newborn baby. Even though Jessica is now raising the rescued infant, some people in Bend Brook, Nebraska still consider her a cold-blooded killer and they are pressuring the county attorney to file additional charges. Jessica’s guardians want to put the baby up for adoption and Gillian would love to adopt the child – but not until she understands the circumstances surrounding his birth.

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Sherlock Holmes and the Vampire Invasion
Mycroft’s exclusive Diogenes Club is targeted, with its members being found drained of all blood, their necks punctured with wolf-like teeth marks. The vampire murderer is combing the workhouses for the most desperate and misplaced, forming a vampire army in Victorian London. Wiggins is on the case. Would a murderer who kills indiscriminately stop at children? Sherlock is aghast to learn that Mirabella has disappeared, secretly checking into a workhouse in an effort to find the vampire murderer—and the reason for these killings.

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