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Before I Let You Go
In this memoir, every mother will find heartfelt messages that resonate. “Before I Let You Go” takes you on the emotional journey of striving to raise a perfect child knowing how deeply imperfect we all are. Kirsten’s beautiful words will draw empathy from deep within each reader. She bravely puts into words the lessons that mothers know will help their growing boy become a good man.

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Killing Zone
Harry McCallion was a trained killer, fighting in the world’s trouble spots with ruthless professionalism. Born ‘a ragged-arsed kid from the backstreets of Glasgow’, the son of a violent gangster, McCallion joined the Paras to escape a miserable home life and find the family he longed for. After six tense tours in Ulster, McCallion gave up everything to move to South Africa in the hope of qualifying for the highly elite, highly dangerous South African Special Forces.

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