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Missed Connections- Book 0
How far would you go for revenge? Veronica Bauer isn’t above homicide. Twelve years after a ruthless attack killed her mother and put her father in prison, she embarks on a mission to bring the real culprits to justice. As bodies start to drop, Detective Sheila Arden is assigned to the gruesome case, but she soon discovers that the truth is more complicated than she thought. In a riveting game of cat and mouse, each woman challenges the other to reach new heights.

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Rescuing the Reluctant Groom
Selena Ruiz wants more than romance. The Chicago midwife demands Seth Kirkpatrick’s commitment and a ring. But after two years? Nada. Is the hot Chicago EMT marriage shy or tongue tied? She’s never been a quitter. In this heartwarming love story, feisty Selena fights for the man she loves with every trick in her toolbox, including a trip to Savannah to visit his sister. But it takes an abandoned kitten to loosen Seth’s tongue and open his heart. Secrets abound in this wedding standoff, with everything at stake. Can they heal each other’s past to find their future?

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Missed Connections- Book 1
Six months after letting Veronica Bauer—the most notorious killer in Simone City—run free, Detective Sheila Arden’s career is in the toilet. She can’t make a break in her case without exposing the truth about her complicated friendship with the killer or give her boss enough information to keep him satisfied with her progress. Meanwhile, Veronica finds herself leading a double life as a woman named Virginia Burton. She ventures out in full view of the entire city, relying on her alter ego to protect her from notice. The two women are bound to run into each other again, but what will happen when they do?

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US UK and CA

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