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Steamy Romance

A group of dragons traveled from Scotland to the New World a millennium ago to guard a treasure that none could know of. Their homes and lives are hidden from the world of humans and supernatural beings. Until Pierce saves the life of a woman during an avalanche. And now he’s put the entire legacy on the line. Jasmine isn’t your average girl. She’s a part of the fae. And now some damned dragon gave her his blood to heal her. Didn’t he realize that dragon’s blood is toxic to the fae?

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Cotton Candy
For as long as she can remember, Lily Summers has been attracted to older men, but she never truly considered dating one. Not until William Charleston, anyway. The renowned photographer and eye-candy extraordinaire is threatening to slip under her skin as fast as her panties do down her thighs. Hell, those panties were probably gone the moment she heard him speak.

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Texas Trouble Series
When her father is injured, Cassie Bellamy has no choice but to return to her hometown to run the family ranch, but swears she’s going to lay low and avoid the lying, cheating polecat who ran her away ten years prior. Fate has other plans, however. As soon as she hits the outskirts of town, her truck breaks down and Cassie quickly finds out two things. Bad Boy Luke Matthews is still hotter than the Texas sun, but he’s not a bad boy anymore.

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