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SciFi and Fantasy

Flash Back
Like many people, Charley has regrets. On the verge of depression and bored with life, she longs for the road not taken. Then one day an unlikely answer presents itself in the form of cosmetic surgery. For the unimaginative Renovation is just another anti-aging procedure; for Charley, it could be the second chance of a lifetime.

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Glimmer of Steel
Damen has a plan to save the life of his childhood friend before she’s forced to marry the evil Noble Tortare: switch her soul with some other girl and let the other girl die in her place. Only he didn’t count on the other girl’s determination to live, he certainly didn’t count on her soul coming from a different planet—Earth, and falling in love? No, he never planned on that. Told from alternating viewpoints: Damen, a truthsayer from Astrune, and Jennica, the soul snatched from Earth.

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