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Obligations Of The Bone
Something is going on here, Alex tells himself, trying to mentally spread these disparate parts out before him just as he would in his day job of fixing Northern European cars. Some other shoe, his marrow tells him, is going to drop. Drop it does, and marrow is what it’s about: Linda Dumars, one of Harrison’s transplant patients is due to have her own marrow reinfused now that her days of intense treatment are over, but the marrow’s been stolen.

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W is for Wicked
Former medical student turned FBI special assistant Amanda Meyer isn’t thrilled about her new gig as a ghost whisperer, especially now that she has the spirit of a departed drag queen following her around. But having a pal on the other side may just come in handy when a billionaire’s widow meets her untimely demise and Amanda and her oh so sexy boss, Rick Rowling, head of the Paranormal Cases Division, are called in to find the killer.

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