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SciFi and Fantasy

The Lion’s Crown
For thousands of years, the Hobswood Forest has repelled all attempts to uncover its secrets. Few have entered, and even fewer have returned. Now the king of Emberlyn has organized a new expedition into the wood, and as the explorers battle dark creatures and are drawn into a generations-long war, they will also encounter the most powerful entity to ever stalk the forest: the Ember Lion.

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Alien Abduction
Eddie couldn’t have lost his job at a worse time. His family has been hit with a medical emergency and his son’s and daughter’s college tuition is looming over him. He’s broke, too old to start over, and desperate—until he discovers an unexpected solution to his troubles. An extraterrestrial solution. Aliens are here, and they’re hiring.

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Inspector Hobbes and the Curse
Set in the Cotswolds, this is the next instalment in the adventures of Inspector Hobbes, Mrs Goodfellow and Dregs, as narrated by the still disaster-prone Andy Caplet. It is a rip roaring, funny and moving tale of Andy’s infatuation with a dangerously beautiful woman, starting off during investigations into sheep deaths and the mysterious disappearance of pheasants. These incidents appear to be connected to a rash of big cat sightings, and something horrible seems to be lurking in the woods.

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