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Scifi and Fantasy

Enchanted Immortals
Thomas never thought he would live this long; he expected the usual lifespan of 60 to 70 years. But one terrifying night in 1946 San Francisco has changed all that; he has now been alive 86 years and still looks 20. He and his associates, Jonathan and Kathryn, have been granted Immortality by a group of sylphs belonging to the Zie Council – lead by their queen, Malina – who possess an elixir called Enchantment.

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The Six and the Crystals of Ialana
Pursued by lethal foes, the six, along with a seventh, battle their way toward a lost crystal and an astonishing secret. A secret that has been 500 years in the making. A secret that will unearth the forgotten knowledge of crystal technology, and the mystery of their past. It is a secret so powerful that Amrafalus, the Dragon-King must, once again, stop the six at any cost.

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