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Vigilante Dead
PI Kate Jones lands the case of a lifetime: a young college student with no history of drug abuse dies of an overdose, and the parents come to Kate demanding answers. Soon, Seattle is reeling from dozens more deaths, all with the same chemical markers. At first, police assume that the victims are closet junkies who got hold of a bad combination, but after someone close to her becomes a victim, Kate believes something far more sinister is going on.

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Murder Live
Sheriff Sharlene Camenetti is out to prove herself in a man’s world. There’s a killer who tortures for mad reasons of his own. When murders start happening in the once peaceful town of Highland Springs, suspects range from strangers to family members. Arkansas Federal Bureaur of Investigations Agent Everis Hayes arrives to help in the investigation, and Shar has more to prove to herself than her ability to catch a cold-blooded killer and save the women of Highland Springs.

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