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Sweet Masterpiece
When she’s not baking her delectable pastries Samantha Sweet breaks into houses for a living. Sometimes, the things she discovers lead to trouble. When she finds an unmarked grave on a property in a remote spot in Taos County, New Mexico, Sam calls in the authorities. A small mural painted inside a closet in the abandoned house provides clues and Sam is caught up in an investigation alongside the good-looking Deputy Beau Cardwell.

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Instincts of the Crow
Private investigator Tony Crow reconnects with an old Marine buddy, with whom he hasn’t had contact in over fifteen years. After meeting for lunch, Tony agrees to help his friend by locating a blackmailer who is threatening the man’s company. As Tony researches the evidence and attempts to find the identity of the blackmailer, he quickly discovers there is more to the assignment than he agreed to. As the facts become clearer, he must decide who he works for and what the result of his investigation might be.

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US UK and CA

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