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Emma of Iran
Spanning 24 years from just before the hostage crisis in Iran in 1979 through 2003 and the post 9/11 hysteria, an Iranian/American woman is trapped between the two cultures. It is a historical roller coaster ride, with female characters who will not back down. Emma knows how to protect herself and her daughters, and will stop at nothing to provide a life for them.

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Park Avenue Blackmail
Billionaire playboy Lawson Winslow gets a bizarre text message as he walks into the annual family Christmas ball: “I’ll kill her for you.” He thinks it’s a prank but soon after the body of a woman is found upstairs. Evidence puts Lawson at the scene of the crime. There’s a witness. And when the killer calls again, he wants Lawson to play a dangerous game of dares. If he doesn’t, incriminating phone records will be sent to the NYPD.

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