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The Lost Orphans-Book 1
Halloween is here, and so are the dead. Gifted with the ability to see orphaned spirits, homicide detective Rachel Harroway enters her most challenging time of the year. The dead walk the streets, calling on her name and drawing her closer to the grave. Crushed by the weight of a nine-month-old investigation, Rachel finds the walls of her solitary Appalachian lifestyle closing in as a killer/child abductor targets her next.

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All Hallows’ Eve Heist
Date night for Georgie Shaw and handsome detective Jack Wheeler goes terribly wrong. A botched heist at Marvelous Marley World has everyone scrambling as trigger-happy bad guys head for the Halloween celebration in Arcadia Park. With Hullabaloo-Boo in full swing, figuring out whodunit could take a little extra work.

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Starved for Attention
Jill D’Angelo plans to spend spring break playing with her new puppy and pouring wine at her family’s winery, but when a local teacher is found dead in an abandoned old farmhouse, those plans change fast. There’s something oddly familiar about the teacher’s death, but maybe that’s just Jill’s overactive imagination getting the best of her.

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