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John Chase has just arrived in Atlanta on a routine business trip. When he wakes the next morning, John is shocked to learn that America has been savagely attacked with both nuclear and biochemical weapons. He is immediately thrown into an apocalyptic horror, rescuing a young woman from a group of men who are in a violent rage as a result of the release of a devastating neurotoxin.

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Finding Me
Luci Foster knows she has to make amends with a lot of people, starting with her family whom she hadn’t spoken to since she’d moved to New York City over six years ago, to become a writer. She had long run out of money and friends willing to let her crash on their couches for a night while she waited for her big break, and at twenty-six years old, found herself back home in Snowy Ridge, Wisconsin, living with her Mom and working with her sisters, Wynn and Jessie, again.

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